LOVE Supply

LOVEsupplyGrowth=LOVEstakers+LOVEbonders+LOVEHunnyDAOLOVE_{supplyGrowth} = LOVE_{stakers} + LOVE_{bonders} + LOVE_{HunnyDAO}

LOVE token supply does not have a hard cap. Its supply increases when:

  • LOVE is minted and distributed to the stakers.

  • LOVE is minted for the bonder. This happens whenever someone purchases a bond.

  • LOVE is minted for the DAO. This happens whenever someone purchases a bond. The DAO gets the same number of LOVE as the bonder.

LOVEstakers=LOVEtotalSupplyāˆ—rewardRateLOVE_{stakers} = LOVE_{totalSupply} * rewardRate

At the end of each interlude, the treasury mints LOVE at a set reward rate. These LOVE will be distributed to all the stakers in HunnyDAO. You can track the latest reward rate on HunnyDAO dashboard.

LOVEbonders=bondPayoutLOVE_{bonders} = bondPayout

Whenever someone purchases a bond, a pre-determined amount of LOVE will be minted. These LOVE will not be released to the bonder all at once - they are vested to the bonder linearly over time. The bond payout uses a different formula for different types of bonds. Check the bonding section above to see how it is calculated.

LOVEHunnyDAO=LOVEbondersLOVE_{HunnyDAO} = LOVE_{bonders}

HunnyDAO received the same amount of LOVE as the bonder. This represents HunnyDAO Profit.

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