How do I Purchase Bond

Bond (1,1)

Purchase BOND from HunnyDAO

  • Go to HunnyDAO here.

  • Connect your wallet to HunnyDAO.

  • Select one of the available BOND to purchase.

More BOND will be added in the future. Please check out our social media channels for updates.

Before purchasing any BOND, please check the ROI and the discounted price before committing your purchase. Once you have committed your purchase, HunnyDAO will not be able to refund your bond purchases.

  • Enter the "Amount" of BOND you would like to purchase.

  • Set your desire "Slippage". By default, the Slippage is set to 0.5%

In a period of high market volatility, you may need to set higher slippage for the transaction to be complete. Any failed transaction will cause you a gas fee (charged by the miners).

  • Click on "Bond" and approve the transaction on your wallet.

  • Wait for the transaction to complete.

  • Once you have Bond successfully, your Bonds will appear on the Bond Page.

Please take note that Bond Purchases will have a Vesting Period of 5 days.

  • Your "Claimable" will slowly increase until it reaches the Fully Vested period.

  • You can choose to Claim your "Claimable" by clicking on the "Claim" button.

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