When you unstake your KISS from Hyper Staking, your LOVE will be linearly vested for 24hours.

Unstaking will also reset your Loyalty Ratio and reduce the number of HUGs that can be redeemed for LOVE.

  • Before you unstake, make sure you have KISS available in your wallet.

  • Go to HunnyDAO staking page here.

  • Click on the "Unstake" Tab

  • If this is your first time unstaking KISS, you will need to APPROVE the token.

  • Proceed to APPROVE the token and wait for the transaction to complete.

  • Enter the amount of KISS you would like to unstake.

  • Double-check the total number of LOVE you will get from unstaking and redeeming of HUGs token.

  • Click on "UNSTAKE LOVE" and approve the transaction on your wallet.

  • Wait for transaction confirmation.

  • After the transaction is successfully completed, your LOVE will enter into a 24hours linear vesting period.

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