How to Stake

Stake (3,3)

Previous Staking Vault that uses the V1 KISS token will no longer generate rebase rewards.

Users are strongly encouraged to migrate their V1 KISS tokens by unstaking from the previous staking vault and restake to the HYPER STAKING Vault.

  • Before you stake, make sure you have some LOVE available in your wallet.

  • Go to HunnyDAO staking page here.

  • If this is your first time staking LOVE, you will need to APPROVE the token.

  • Proceed to APPROVE the token and wait for the transaction to complete.

  • Enter the amount of LOVE you would like to stake.

  • Click on "STAKE LOVE" and approve the transaction on your wallet.

  • Wait for transaction confirmation.

  • After the transaction is successfully completed, you will receive KISS in your wallet.

Please note that KISS token is needed for you to unstake your LOVE. Please consider carefully before SELLING or TRANSFERRING your KISS. You may lose your staked LOVE if you do so. Do read the basics of staking here.

  • During every rebase, your Staked Balance will be updated to display your staking rewards.

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